I wanted to share how one act of kindness led to a meeting such a lovely family.

Six months ago I photographed The Sponsored Buggy Push Walk & Toddle for Millie’s Trust. I gave out a free photo shoot and framed print to the best fancy dress.

I chose Angela and Ellie June.


Kelliejo Photography

Angela booked her shoot and got her complimentary framed print of the gorgeous Ellie.

Ellie by Kelliejo Photography

A couple of months later Angela rang me to ask if I’d photograph all the grandchildren as a surprise for her Mum and Dad who were renewing their vows after 40 years of happy marriage. So we all met up and did a secret shoot of the 5 grandchildren in the local park opposite where the Mum and Dad live.

Oooo yes I like living on the edge!!

Order complete and delivered. Then I get a last minute phone call from Angela asking would I photograph the Renewal ceremony. Of course I replied I’d be honoured to. (See Renewal of Vows).

So not only did I get to capture their very special day but I got to see and photograph their reaction to opening the framed portraits of the grandchildren.

Such a truly lovely family and what a very romantic groom, the way his face lit up when he saw his bride of 40 years being given away by her father again.

Magical moments captured forever by Kelliejo Photography.

Grandchildren with Present for the Bride and Groom by Kelliejo Photography

Opening the Present by Kelliejo Photography

Bride's Reaction by Kelliejo Photography


2 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. Beautiful stunning pictures … its funny KellieJo because for that very same charity I was asked by a lady to donate something to the raffle … I didnt know the lady before then but after emails, calls and meeting up to collect the prize I have made a lovely new friend! I am a huge believer in doing a good thing can bring your life more fulfilment than just the act itself x These pictires are beautiful … and good choice of winner! Thats the curest pirate Ive ever seen!!!

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