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Family and Children's photography at Styal Wilmslow


I love family photoshoots outdoors.

It’s much better for little ones especially for keeping them entertained.

That’s what I love to capture, the adventure, the laughter and their curiosity.

When Virginie rang me to book a shoot to update her family portraits I was so happy as I’d photographed them before in the studio and knew they would enjoy an outdoor shoot.

We considered lots of local places but settled on Styal and met up at The Carrs. We began by taking a walk just looking around and letting the girls run off some energy. Then we came to a bridge and I said grab a stick, let’s play Pooh Sticks. They all looked at me like I was mad! They’d never heard of it before.

Rabbit from Pooh Bear explains it right here


Family photoshoot at Styal Woods

So I showed them how to play it and the girls LOVED it wanted to play it all day long! After a while I managed to distract them with a promise of finding another bridge on our travels. Whilst the girls were exploring I captured them during the family photoshoot sometimes with them not realising and sometimes we set up a shot whilst I made them giggle.

Family and Children's photography at Styal Wilmslow

Family and Children's photography at Styal Wilmslow

Family and Children's photography at Styal Wilmslow

Family and Children's photography at Styal Wilmslow

Portrait of a little girl playing in a stream in Styal in Wilmslow

After a quick change for a different look we ended up near the waters edge with Elise and Camille looking all serene and gorgeous then hands were in the mud shoes in the water, both girls had a ball!

Styal woods is such a gorgeous place to have a family photoshoot at any time of the year but it’s especially magical during the summer months. It’s full of little nooks and crannies to discover and gets kids away from the digital world enjoying their childhood in a traditional way. They can run, jump,throw and splash and if you book your very own family photoshoot I’ll be there to capture the memories.

Email me at for more details, make sure that you include your phone number too.

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