Cheshire children's photography at Abney Hall in Cheshire of a little boy climbing some steps.

Jackson & Beau


When Jackson and Beau arrived at Abney Hall it was still a bit muddy even though the sunshine had made an appearance. So it was wellies all the way!

At first we went exploring with their Mummy, Sharon whom I’ve known for years, trekking the buggy through the tightest of places. My glamorous assistant for the day!

We did it boy style through the mud, water, branches and trees. Finding magical places along the way.

At first the boys were a little shy but by the end of the shoot they were jumping all over me!

Loved it.

Memories captured.

Happy days!

These are the some of the portraits and frames that Sharon and Des chose.

Jackson & Beau by Kelliejo Photography Frame..

Jackson Frame by Kelliejo Photography

Beau by Kelliejo Photography 5

Here’s some more of the portraits.

Jackson by Kelliejo Photography

Beau by Kelliejo Photography 6

Jackson by Kelliejo Photography 4

Beau by Kelliejo Photography 4

Jackson by Kelliejo Photography 3

Beau by Kelliejo Photography 2

Beau by Kelliejo Photography 3

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